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I was nicknamed Johnananda on my yoga teacher training course in India, the birthplace of yoga. 'Ananda' means ‘happiness’ in Sanskrit. I have trained in Hatha, Ashtanga and Yin yoga.


I enjoy sport and find yoga really helpful as it improves strength, fitness, flexibility, balance and concentration. Yoga has helped me recover from injuries and made me feel younger!

But yoga should not be competitive. We are all unique. We have different bodies and will find different things easier or harder. Do not compare yourself to anyone else and celebrate what each one of us is able to achieve. Yoga offers something to everyone, whatever our age, health, flexibility or fitness level.

Yoga is not just for exercise. Its origins are thousands of years old and it is about a lifestyle, much of which can be helpfully transposed to our busy London lives. Yoga can help our mental health as it teaches us how to calm our minds. Each one of us can take whatever we find useful from yoga. That may be doing only the poses (asanas), but may also include breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation (dhyana) and the way we live our lives (the 5 yamas, the 5 niyamas, our diet, etc).

Stress effects our immune system, reducing our ability to fight infections, as well as increasing our risk of cardiovascular diseases. So stress reducing practices such as yoga can help protect us and boost our immunity.

In my group classes, as well as flexibility, we work on building strength, fitness, balance, endurance and focus. We also work on our breathing and bringing equilibrium to our body and mind.

I teach 3 in person group classes each week. If you'd like a midweek evening class, try my Wednesday evening class in St Saviour's Church Hall, Grand Drive, Raynes Park, London, SW20 9DY or my Thursday evening class in St James Church Hall, Martin Way, Wimbledon Chase/Merton Park, London, SM4 4AR. Or start your weekend well with my Saturday morning class in St Saviour's Church Hall. Please click here for details of all the classes.
I also teach private yoga lessons to individuals and groups (family, friends or corporate) in Raynes Park, Wimbledon, Morden, Merton Park, Motspur Park, New Malden, Worcester Park and surrounding areas. Please click here for details.


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Testimonials from Google reviews 

I’ve been going to John’s Thursday classes for about 6 months now. We are a nice bunch of people, some are advanced yogis, others beginners (like me). John makes it accessible and enjoyable for everyone. He gives variations on each difficult pose so everyone feels they’ve achieved something according to their fitness level. I feel relaxed and in a good mood when I leave johns class and I always look forward to the next one. It’s a great class! Come and see for yourself.

Eugenia Keil

I started yoga with John over a year ago and have been a regular Thursday attendee since. Having been to many different classes and experienced many different instructor styles, I am happy to have, at last found a class that ticks all the boxes for me. I think it’s fair to say I’m not a beginner, but I’ve also had years out of yoga for one reason or another, and so had lost flexibility and strength. It’s nice to be back in a class where the instructor is able to accommodate new comers, that are then able to progress by providing enough alternative poses until flexibility and strength is developed. I feel challenged in class, but can also see and feel how I have had many breakthroughs already. The classes have helped with weight loss, strength, concentration, my mental health, and the terrible shoulder pain I was experiencing prior to starting has now all but gone. Some perseverance with one’s self is needed for the first few weeks in terms of self discipline, but once I pushed past this I became hooked again very quickly. I won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon, as my Thursday evenings are well spent with John and the rest of the very friendly class. : )

Emily Jones

I have been attending John's classes for little over 11 months now, and they are exactly what I need to either start a Saturday, or finish on a Wednesday or Thursday. John is a very experienced instructor, who explains and demonstrates every pose with clarity. John also demonstrates adjustments for individuals who may not be able to perform the pose in full; ensuring everyone feels included and that they can participate. I highly recommend these classes no matter what level you are at.

Thomas Theakston

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