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I have always enjoyed sport. I was in the England Ski Team as a teenager and did strength and flexibility training for my skiing. I still ski, cycle and play football, squash, tennis and other sports. I started yoga to help recover from a sporting injury. I intended going to a few classes until I recovered but, to my surprise, I really enjoyed it. Being middle aged, I realised it could extend my ability to carry on playing sport.

I had been recommended to strengthen my core by my chiropractor but find going to the gym a chore. When I started, I thought yoga was mainly about flexibility. I soon realised it involves a lot of strength, so I have become stronger without needing to go to the gym. It also involves balance (which requires good focus and concentration), twisting, inversions (e.g. headstand, handstand, etc) and cardiovascular exercise (e.g. sun salutations and fast paced Ashtanga yoga). I particularly enjoy balancing (hand balances and 1 leg balances) and inversions.

Yoga has helped me improve my posture and hip flexibility, both of which had suffered from too many years sitting at a desk in front of a computer.

I also enjoy practising pranayama (different breathing techniques) and learning to deeply focus and concentrate. These have helped me deal with stress better, which was not something I was expecting when I started yoga! 

I used to be a solicitor and then worked in the property industry. I have also been a ski instructor.

In 2019 I did my RYS200+ hours teacher training course in Mysore, India with Yogadarshanam, who are a Yoga Alliance registered school. I trained in both Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. It was here that I discovered there is much more to yoga than poses with synchronised breathing and that I will always be learning and improving.

In 2021 I did a 60 hour teacher training course in Yin Yoga with Austin Ince, who is a Yoga Alliance continuing education provider.

Since then, I have broadened my yoga knowledge and practice by doing 3 courses with Vinay Kumar of the Prana Vashya Yoga Shala

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