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  • Your level of experience. This can be particularly helpful if you are a beginner.

  • You will get more feedback on your practice than you would in a group class. If you wish, I can manually adjust your poses.

  • You may have a specific goal or focus, such as working on improving fitness or strength, learning a particular pose or working towards reducing stress and anxiety.

  • You may wish to have more explanation about the alignment of poses.

  • If you have an injury, we can do poses, modified poses and exercises that can help you recover.

  • If you have a medical condition (e.g. sore lower back, arthritis, damaged joints, etc), I can give you modified poses and exercises to take account of the medical condition.

  • If you play a particular sport, we can do poses that can complement that sport.

  • Maybe you would like to do some breathing exercises (pranayama) and/or meditation (dhyana).

  • You may prefer to be taught with your family and friends, rather than with a group of people you don't know.


If you are busy at the times of the group classes, private lessons can be taken at times to suit you.

They can be done at your home or office (for corporate lessons), at my home in Raynes Park, London, SW20 (for up to 4 people) or, if the weather is nice, in a local park.

I cover Raynes Park, Wimbledon, Morden, Merton Park, Motspur Park, New Malden, Worcester Park and surrounding areas as far as Tooting Broadway, Earlsfield, Southfields, Kingston upon Thames, Surbiton, Tolworth, Sutton and Mitcham.


Perhaps you feel uncomfortable doing yoga in front of other people or people you don't know. Or maybe you wish to practice in your own home in private.


If you are interested in private yoga lessons, please get in touch for a free phone consultation. We can discuss what you are looking for in your private lessons and you can ask me questions to help you decide if I'm the right teacher for you. Lessons last between 1 hour and 1 hour 15 minutes (I don't watch the clock unless you'd like me to).

  • ​For in person lessons at my home in Raynes Park, SW20, it is £60 for up to 4 people.

  • For in person lessons where I travel to you (if you are within the area I cover), it is £70 for up to 4 people.

  • For in person lessons where I travel to you (if you are within the area I cover), it is £80 for 5 people or more.

All lessons must be booked and paid for in advance. There is no charge for cancellations where at least 24 hours notice is given. If between 6 and 24 hours notice of cancellation is given, 50% of the cost of the lesson will be payable. If less than 6 hours notice of cancellation is given, the full cost of the lesson will be payable.



  • Please tell me in advance if you have any injuries, illnesses, medical conditions, are pregnant or have recently given birth.

  • Respect your body's limits. You know your body better than anyone else and you should use your own judgement. If you are tired, take a break. If you are overstretching or feel a mild twinge, ease off. If you experience sharp pain, a sharp twinge or any joint pain, immediately come out of a pose. I can give you modifications for a pose.

  • Please give me feedback during your lesson. I can always give you an alternative pose if a pose doesn't feel right.

  • Ideally you should not eat for 2 hours before practising yoga. A light snack is fine. Twists and bends can be uncomfortable with a full stomach!

  • It is best not to drink during your yoga practice, but it is fine if you do have a drink.

  • Wear comfortable clothes as if you were going to the gym. Ideally don't wear socks so you can get good grip on your mat.

  • Please turn your mobile phone to silent mode.

  • Feel free to ask questions.

  • Do not compare yourself to anyone else. We all have different bodies and will find different things easier or harder.

  • Some days you will find it easier than other days to focus and do the poses. That is normal.

  • Above all, enjoy yourself and relax.

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